Genealogical Research

This is my first blog entry of 2019. I’ve been busy with family history research lately and ignoring my website. Is anyone else doing some genealogical research? I’ve been mainly using Ancestry and Family Search websites for my work. There are tough lines of research and easy ones. But I seem to always hit a brick wall and am tempted to hire a professional to help get past it. The Potter side of things has been relatively easy compared to the other parts of my family. There’s a good amount of documentation for Potter ancestors.

Red Stripe vs Sessions Beer

Have you ever picked up a six-pack of one beer thinking that you were getting another? That’s what I did recently when I picked up a six of Red Stripe beer. When I got it home and broke it out, my wife asked me if this was that other beer that I liked – Sessions (from Full Sail Brewing). I did a double-take and calmly answered that I got the Red Stripe on sale, keenly avoiding the question. Just because both beers come in the same brown stubby bottles doesn’t mean I can’t read labels, or does it? Well, anyway here’s looking at you, you Jamaican thirst quencher.

Web Accessibility

Now, I’m switching gears again in order to concentrate more on the topic of web accessibility. How can we improve the accessibility of internet sites for people who may have a disability? There are guidelines that the World Wide Web Consortium has handed down regarding this area – Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 .

I’m fairly sure that the people who might be interested in these guidelines are web developers and webmasters. What I would like to do is summarize the guidelines and make them as usable as possible.

Learning HTML and CSS

No one said it would be easy. But, I thought that Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) would be easier than they are turning out. I’m learning how to code in HTML and CSS with Javascript coming up. The learning platform I am using is Onclick Academy. It’s been a pretty useful online course. I also supplement with a book on HTML and CSS that helps answer some questions about the new HTML5 elements. Getting there.


Blogging. Anyone can do it, they say. Well let’s just see if that’s the case. Apparently, once you decide on a blogging ‘platform’ or program like WordPress, then you are ready to write your blog posts for all the internet to see. Except, that’s not what normally happens.

You have to have an interesting topic or something to write about. If you ramble on about nothing in particular, there’s really no point to blogging. It gets to be an exercise in existentialism.